Our lovely new printed tape

We own many businesses and one of them is a eBay dropshipper, as we have grown we have taken the step into branding. We now insert business cards and flyers into all of our dispatches and we now use printed packaging tape to seal our boxes.

The custom printed packaging tape from https://www.printedtape.net on our boxes is high quality and gives off an impression that our products and brand are to be trusted, it’s printed in 3 amazing colours on a material called polyprohttp://www.printedtape.net/shop/custom-printed-tapepylene which gives the tape a very glossy finish.

We did an online management survey to ask our customers what they thought of our new branding and many of them said it made the overall experience of working with us better. The printed tape also stops pilferage and thieving. It’s a lot harder to steal from our boxes that are sealed with a custom printed tape than it is to steal from us using a plain packaging tape, such as buff or brown tape.



The reason being that the custom printed tape has a continues design that is easily noticed if broken, it is impossible for the thief to replace the design unless they have the exact same design of tape that we use on the boxes, also bear in mind that brown tape is easily purchased.

Clever thieves would seek to pilfer our products from our boxes and then seal them up with the exact same brown tape, but this does not happen any more.

It is disappointing that many delivery companies do not to crb or dbs checks on their drivers, but one cant judge everybody.

Our tape design cost us £40 and the 500 rolls we ordered were around £1.50 each, and delivery was free. I think for what we paid and for the sheer amount of boxes we can seal safely and brand at the same time the cost is relatively low and it adds to our professionalism, i do highly recommend printed tape.

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